Cannon Cues. Dreams really do come true.

I've been playing pool for most of my life. When I was a young boy, the sounds of the balls as they click and thud, falling into the pocket, drew me into a fascination with pool. To craft woods and other materials into powerful weapons on a pool table is my dream come true. I am proud to debut my line of custom cues, Cannon Cues.

From the time I bought my first cue, a Lucasi, I've been a curious student of what makes them perform. Plain and simple, some cues play better than others. For eight years I've played competitively with many cues, all the while studying cuemaking, woodworking, cue repair, focusing on the leading innovations in cuemaking materials. In February 2011, I collected the last piece of equipment to enable me to begin crafting cues. I'd gathered an assortment of exotic and domestic woods. I started work on my first handcrafted stick.

Playability is the measure of success. My cues play. I combine beautiful materials and careful craftsmanship to build a cue suited to you that will last for years to come. View my collection to date, including my very own dream cue.

John Brown, owner and craftsman, Cannon Cues

Cannon Cues will not use any woods or other materials known to have been poached or otherwise acquired or transferred illegally.

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